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Dear Nancy, review of appointment.

I have recently had my first encounter with the excellent level of service at Pirrie Optometrists. I had been recommended to have an eye test here, by several friends.  Due to covid 19, my test was delayed, reception staff dealt with this with care and sensitivity.  Covid policy was fully explained prior to my visit, including what to expect on arrival, during my eye test and when selecting frames.

I can only praise the quality of consultation and eye test performed by Dr Nancy Gutteridge-Smith, I felt completely satisfied and confident that I had received the very best eye care.  A problem was identified and I have gone on to have further tests. 

All staff I encountered during my recent visits were kind and polite along with being accommodating to me needing my glasses adjusted when I had a scheduled further eye test.  Charlotte ( dispensing ) did a marvelous job in helping me choose the correct frames, these are the best glasses I have ever had!  I am also able to see much clearer than in any I have experienced in the past.

I would not hesitate to highly  recommend Pirrie Optometrists.

 Kind regards and thank you Nancy. 

Judith Pearson.


Judith Pearson


'Dear Dr Guttridge-Smith, thank you for the consultation I had with you today. Yet again I left feeling I had experienced a thoroughly professional review of the health of my eyes. My thanks to all the staff involved with my review'.


Mr R Mason


'When I think of Pirrie Opticians, I think outstanding customer service. What makes them stand out is the patience and kindness shown to all the family. My children have grown up visiting Pirries and we are always greeted with smiles and understanding.' 


Mrs I Haspineall


'I always prefer to invest in expertise delivered with real attention to detail and a very personal service. That is why Pirrie Optometrists has long been my opticians of choice.'


Jane Tate


'Pirrie optometrists don't just care for my children's eyesight they care for them. From being sensitive to finding the right glasses and lenses for my daughter so that she isn't self conscious at school, having fun with my boisterous boy so he loves coming in to have his eyes tested, to the ability to drop in anytime for tweaks to glasses after they have been in a tree or playing football. Everyone at Pirries goes more than the extra mile.'


Mrs SH


'I have always had the most professional and exceptional standard of care from the optometrists and dispensing optician that I see. I have always felt in the best hands and confident that I am getting monitored and looked after to the highest of medical standards and feel confident that I am receiving the best advice regarding contact lenses and glasses.

All the team at Christine Pirrie including the reception, admin staff and the team who suppport you through the various examinations and test show a high standard of care and service. They all work hard and are always polite, approachable and professional and do their best to help you with any enquiry or worry. I would highly recommend Christine Pirrie Opticians anyone.'


Caroline Halford


'I honestly believe you will never regret choosing Pirrie Opticians. Following eye surgery I was very anxious that my optician should be able to offer more than eye tests, glasses and basic care. Eyesight is so important and I had learned how easily it could go wrong.

I thoroughly recommend Pirrie Opticians. I trust them absolutely to help me look after my eyesight. Every member of the staff is professional and highly trained, and the latest technical equipment is used to measure and assess eyesight and eye health. This means that any problem, however small, will be identified early and can be discussed and dealt with.'



Brian Smith


'For the past 18 years Nancy at Christine Pirrie Optometrists has provided a wonderful, personal service to us and our two children. We feel comforted by her professionalism and that of other members of the Christine Pirrie team. Thank you.'


Mark and Jane Andreae